Coal liveset


Sequencer KORG SQ64 – the brain in which all data is stored. Data from the sequencer is sent to eurorack system.  Kick to Steady State Fate Entity Ultra-kick, hihats and snares to Erica synth Pico Drums, bass data to Intellijel Rubicon. Main melody synth module is 4ms Ensemble Oscillator. Next is Mutable Instruments Elements and Doepfer A 111-6. VCA module is Intellijel Quad VCA and 2x Bastl Instrument Skis. All audio signal is sent to RME Fireface UCX to Ableton, where eight audio tracks are mixed. Everything is controlled by controllers Allen & Heath Xone via midi.


Coal Eurorack system

4MS Ensemble Oscillator
Intellijel RubiconMutable Instruments Elements
Erica synths Pico drums
Bastl Instruments Skis
Bastl Instruments 1983
Mordax Data
Doepfer Clock Divider
Instruo Arbhar
Mutable Instruments Peaks
Music Thing Modular Radio
Music Thing Modular Turing machine

Staady State Fate Entity Ultra-kick

Intellijel Quad Vca


Other stuff

Apple MacBook Pro
Ableton live
Allen & Heath Xone
Korg KaossPad
Yamaha Reface CS