Everything i play is live


Coal is a musician, enthusiast, producer and performer who likes to use the potentials of current technology in his livesets. His performances are no ready-made compositions combined into one DJset. Coal uses his own samples, loops and custom settings, creating an unusual variety of improvised sounds and grooves.


Coal lives in Liberec and has been involved in music production for quite a few years. His first digital experiments date back to when he was still part of a rock band and slowly started adding electronic elements. He was never attracted to DJing itself. Since the beginning he has always tried to create his own sounds, which he can twist into a thousand different forms for countless variations. Therefore, his sets are never identical.


The equipment with which he creates music and subsequently uses it for his live performances is a controller connected to the Ableton program, Eurorack system, Kaosspad or his favorite iPad –  arguably the best equipment to be used for live performing and improvisation. It’s hard to specify a particular music genre and it’s hard to tell what you can actually expect because even Coal doesn’t know in advance. What is certain is that there will always be deep straight or broken beats, darker sound, and above all, unique sounds coming from improvisation.